A lots to translate today, but first, thanks to Cubayashi for gold donation :) Much appreciated.

The official 0.8.6 public test will start this Thursday (May 30th)

From player Taifuuni, a demonstration of how the new dispersion in 0.8.6 will look like:

Edit: to prevent confusion, disregard the "scales", they don't represent the circle size, but sigma deviation. Unless you really want to bother with statistics, consider them two same circles.



- SerB has roughly 50 vehicles in his garage and it takes him 5 seconds to sort thru it
- 5.1 sound is not yet implemented into the new sound engine, but it is planned, along with the 7.1 sound
- echoes from distant explosion/cannon fire (for example in valleys) will be implemented eventually
- better sorting of the archievements will be implemented eventually, but it has very low priority
- some vehicles have AAMG and some don't (resp. Type 58 doesn't have it), because "machinegun model consists of too many model details (SS: SerB said specifically "triangles", I am pretty sure there is an English term for what he meant: is it "vectors"?)
- the E-100 turret was moved in 0.8.6 30cm forwards, because it's historical
- German E-10 ingame will be implemented as a TD, not LT
- SerB doesn't consider the "In development" section necessery
- arty won't recieve bigger firing angle than 45 degrees (SS: a player was asking, whether it is possible to implement the arty to be able to hit a certain target using two different trajectories - one for below 45 degrees and one for above 45 degrees elevation)
- according to SerB, the best account protection is using your brain, for example not using "password1234" as your password
- fog of war was considered for random battles, but it won't be implemented for now, same goes for companies
- Q: "SerB, how is it possible you have so many battles played, yet your effectivity sucks?" A: "That's because I prefer to improve in real world and to only have fun and relax in the virtual one. Which is something I recommend to you too."
- according to SerB, there are no server-side cheats (SS: for example someone advertised a cheat for instant aiming)
- SerB was banned only once in WoT, it was a trolling from someone
- it's possible that the T69 gold ammo (300 pen) penetration will be nerfed (despite the fact SerB claims that the 300 pen is historical)
- the crew national voices might still appear
- the E-100 turret move forward does not mean improved depression or elevation
- SerB is playing the VK4502 Ausf.B (30k XP left to Maus) and is happy with its gameplay
- historically, ST-I shouldn't even have the M62-T2 gun, eg. it's pointless to compare its ROF to IS-8 (SerB is joking about replacing the gun with the historical D-30)
- it's generally possible the ST-II (ST-I with twin-linked D-30) will be introduced, because the twin-linked gun mechanism is easier to introduce than for example multiturret mechanism. However don't think it will simply have double ROF, that would be way too OP. Another historical option would apparently be two D-10T guns.
- SerB is thinking (SS: but only thinking, no panic!) about removing the top IS-4 gun (because it's unhistorical) and buffing the shells of the other one.