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Thread: Battle History features suggestion

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    Battle History features suggestion
    This post was made as an issue

    Purpose: to allow specific searches and results that will help players breakdown their performance by map/spawn point/tank type(or specific tanks). Helping players identify strong and weak positions, as well as good and bad habits on certain maps from different sides.

    - If possible, allow searching battles not just by map, but also by spawn point
    - If possible, produce a summary at the bottom of the search results, of average experience, WN8, Damage Dealt, Shot/Hit, Damage Assisted, Damage Received, Credit Net, and Credit Gross, for your search results.
    - If possible, allow 45, 60, or perhaps even 90 days for Battle Age. I understand that storage space is a factor, so any battles over 30 days+ would contain no replay, only the battle results data. Would battle results with no replays limit the burden on the server storage enough to allow this?

    Alternative: I'm not sure how, but maybe incorporate some of these features into the Maps section, if you feel that would be a better location.

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