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Thread: WN7

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    Any chance of removing the WN7 rating?

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    Why that? Some people need it.

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    What about an option to check which ratings you want to display? So if I only want to see WN8 then I just uncheck the other ratings and they are not displayed for me.

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    an option to choose wn7,wn8, or any others would be nice. I only use the latest based on my clan and they use the most current ratings as do all the big clans. the main reason is in full window mode , I cant see the whole thing without scrolling. I use dual monitors. one to play and the other to monitor TS,WOT-stat, or and a few other programs while I play WOT. that's my thoughts on it. otherwise no big deal. I appreciate your hard work. thanks and keep her running for all of us that still use it. thanks again

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    oh, maybe I should mention that the wn7 im referring to is only on the 'tanks' page.

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    I don't care about Battle Rating, Efficiency or WN7...the window is wide enough as is, lol

    it would be nice if columns could be made optional, like when you right click on column headings in Windows Explorer....
    Also, if you could add some of the columns from ADU Quick Summary, like Date, Map, and Net Credits, that would be appreciated...strange, that window seems to show more information in half the space...
    (I'm mainly talking about the Recent Battles screen, btw...about the only part of wotstats I use)

    While I'm at it, it's kind of annoying...wotstats always starts up maximized, instead of remembering the last window size, like most apps.

    Sorry, I realize I'm asking for a bunch of enhancements to a program that you kindly rescued from the trash bin and actually made work again...
    Much appreciation! I just wanted to get these (minor) gripes off my chest

    I'd love to contribute some code, but last time I developed for windows, c# didn't even exist

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    What is the differences of WN8 and WN7?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    What is the differences of WN8 and WN7?
    See here:

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    WN8 is much more damage-oriented than WN7 in which things like capture points, spotting and especially kills are important to calculate your statistic level.
    For WN8 instead, these things are marginal and the real core of your statistics is calculated on the damage you manage to do.
    IMHO, while WN7 is rather unbalanced on the kills side, WN8 (even if the damage's weight is shareable as basic idea) is too unbalanced in that other way and, mainly due to the method used in the calculation, the players at the lower and the higher side of the statistics will be either very advantaged (purple players) or very penalized (very noobs players).
    As they said, WN8 was born to avoid some forms of easy stat-padding, but if you want, you can do it in WN8 too.
    This is only my opinion, but a choice between WN7 and WN8, would be the best option.

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    Personally, after seeing how random the damage stats are when calculating WN8 I believe WN7 offers a more accurate gauge of a players in game performance. If one is going to create a rating based on each individual tanks ability to deal damage on the battlefield it must use an equal formula for every tank. Comparing the expected damage amount for each tank under WN8 it is clear that this isn't the case. An example of this is the average damage per battle of 66% of players who upload data to VBAddict achieve or exceed the expected damage of the AMX 50-100 (1410hp). However, only 53% of players using the IS3 manage to average an amount equal or greater than WN8's expected damage amount. Why is this? Both of these tanks are T8 heavies with a similar number of recorded battles. WN8 tells me if I average the expected damage per battle in an AMX 50-100 despite being one of the 66% who achieves the goal set for it, I am equal to a player who makes the expected damage in an IS3, in fact I'm not because only 53% of players achieve the expected damage amount in the Russian heavy.

    Surely the damage a tank is expected to make should be based on the average damage which a certain percentage of players make and this percentage should be the same for each tank. Eg; Tank A should make Y damage because it is the average damage made by the top X% of players.

    At least with WN7 we all know it's flaws and it is a very transparent efficiency gauge, whereas WN8 which uses per tank stats uses a different algorithm for each vehicle. Surely an equal average damage calculation should be used for each tank as this would be a fairer representation of an individuals performance in comparison to his peers.

    I realise I haven't mentioned any of the other factors such as kills and spots etc, which are also used in WN8's calculations, however when I made my calculations this data yielded very similar results to those for the damage amounts which I felt was sufficient to highlight the inequality of the WN8 calculations. I am not a mathematic genius, although I use math in my work everyday. Math is a logical way of making calculations especially when based on the exact information available, this means there should be no disparity in the WN8 per tank calculations as indeed there are now. After all 50% is half of the total amount, and 66.6% is as near as possible one third.

    If I have missed the reasoning behind the WN8 calculations perhaps someone with a greater understanding of why there is such a difference in the percentage of players (who achieve the expected damage) is used to assess the expectations of what each tank does maybe someone would be kind enough to explain it to me.
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