Source: TheJoves' video

A short preview of British arty, that is somewhat confirmed to come in 8.7 (but it's also possible they will postpone it to 8.8, nothing is confirmed totally).

Tier 2 unknown arty (SS: I think it's Universal Gun Carrier - a light howitzer on Universal Carrier chassis)

- the blogger speculates that it might have good horizontal arc and if I understood this correctly, he said that the whole British arty branch will be characterized by good traverse angles

- It's gun is a 76mm 13pdr, pen 42, damage 165

Tier 3 - Sexton (SS: I think this is the Sexton, basically a M7 Priest with a 25pdr )

- its gun has following gold shell: 87mm AP, 180 dam, 92 pen, regular shell: 180 dam, 71 pen AP

Tier 4 - Birch Gun (SS: very early SPG (which is odd), great traverse)

- this vehicle has a 180 degrees turret
- basically it has the same gun as tier 3, it also has a HE shell - 280 dam, 44 pen

Tier 5 - Bishop (SS: basically a Valentine chassis with a 25 pdr gun)

- historically the gun could traverse only 8 degrees
- 114mm gun will be available (450 dam, 57 pen HE)

Tier 7 - unknown arty (not yet textured, looks American)

- gun: 139mm 80pdr, 900 dam, 70 pen HE

Tier 8 - unknown arty (SS: "FVsomething" - experimental SPG?)

- gun is 152mm something, 1250 dam, 90 pen HE

Tier 9 - unknown arty (SS: is that the Centurion suspension?)

- the gun is 182mm, 1750 dam and 92 pen HE

Tier 10 - unknown arty (SS: It was supposed to be the FV4005 stage 1, this is not it. Definitely a Conqueror chassis tho)

- gun is 233mm, 2200 dam and 117 pen HE