Hi all!

Some brand-new information based on the most popular questions regarding 8.6 update. We've considered your feedback. The following is currently being....

... worked on:

  • The most important - we decided to restore most of the camouflage system to the 8.5 versions, with the following exceptions:
    - the changes (buffs) of camouflage patterns and net will be implemented
    - the camouflage parameters for some vehicles will change
    - the camouflage bonus for bushes will be reduced by 20% (and not by 300%, as it was in Public Test #1)
  • A bug with non-load and non-display of vehicles in the open was tracked down and fixed. It had a common cause for everyone, and you finally will be able to test normally on PT #2
  • System of dynamic textures changes will be tested during PT #2 only. It was disabled on PT #1, that's why you have noticed no effect.
  • Dynamic camera had some incorrect coefficients, so we will reduce the shaking after the shot by a factor of 4 with the next iteration of PT.
  • Audio will receive significant changes in PT #2
  • SPGs won't be nerfed any further in 8.6. The increased accuracy won't be removed.
  • Decision on SuperPershing model changes will be completed and shared later this week.

Seems to be everything by now.

At the end I would like to thank Yankee for proof-reading