Hi all!

It's pretty important for all of us to know your opinion and feedback. Currently in 8.6 we've introduced and incorrect version of Super Pershing model. And we need to know, whether we keep it or not, since it's a possible nerf of the vehicle.

So the changes are described at their best by this animation:

So we actually decreased the angle of Superpershing upper and lower frontal armour plate. It's an accident - some early SP models replaced the one, which actually was introduced in the game. But not we've received lot's of comments that such armor type will be more in line with regular Pershing, as well as won't be noticed due to overall armor buff.

And we are confused. We will gather feedback through forums, but I personally would like to know your opinion - should be keep it as it is in 8.6, or move it back to 8.5 version?

Thanks in advance for your comments!