So as usual patch day is turning into a bit of an involved process. No worries, I’ll re-process any uploaded 0.9.3 replays that look like ass
Updates so far, I’ve replaced the static image export for vehicles and awards with a mostly dynamic one, meaning that I don’t have to go and extract all those assets by hand but they now come through WG’s API. The same goes for tank and map information (well, to a certain extent). Map information in the API is limited, it seems, to maps that are currently “in rotation” as it were, and some vehicles aren’t present on the API (mostly the stuff our Chinese brethren can get their hands on, like the golden Type 59).
A somewhat annoying factor that came up also is this: Murovanka has been reworked, and it’s size has been increased from 800×800 by 1000×1000 – as you can imagine, the battle viewer isn’t going to like that very much. As such, all battle viewer data for Murovanka has been summarily ditched into the bit bucket. Having 2 versions of the same map present is a very hairy little project I don’t want to take on right now, so I took the cheesy way out. Replays are still there, though!