Here are a few of the answers Storm has given in comments under the earlier article from today (I hate backediting posts, so I'll just make this new one):

- Storm has checked the test hit rate statistics. All vehicles (except for arty) improved their hit percentage by cca 5 percent.
- devs are still thinking about removing the sniper mode reticle shake after shooting
- the new tank being hit sounds have cca 50/50 feedback, about half of the players like it, half don't
- the "exploit" with shooting from behind two bushes will stay too, but the fix was already developed and will soon be implemented
- Superpershing nerf is still not decided
- tests stats do not confirm the opinion of some players that arty was in fact buffed, both arty hitrate and damage went apparently down
- the new sounds of engines, shots etc. won't come soon, but WG is working on it
- it's not easy for the developers to change the date of test server patches, as the test server patch publishing has huge inertia
- the changes in some vehicles' camo factor are connected with unification of the camo factor counting metod on all the vehicles, based on their size - earlier, some vehicles had illogical camo factor, not corresponding to their size
- devs are discussing the implementation of another spall liner function: increase the saving throw of crewmembers and internal modules from arty HE shells by 20-30 percent
- the game crashes in research tree have been fixed in 0.8.6
- according to Storm, the French premium arty wasn't nerfed