Hi all!

I've seen a lot of questions all over the forums regarding the following message on Public Test server:

In this post you may find some explanations to this.

The case is that in 8.6 we enable a new functional for automatic in-game events - 'Missions'. Shortly, these are combat tasks, for completing which players will receive certain award. There are lots of variants for Mission conditions that allow us to create really interesting challenges. In the same time there are a lot of awards, which may be received for completing this missions. In future we will even add some unique things....

You will be able to check them out on the live server in July (most probably). Currently we are just testing the functional on Public Test that's why no specific announcement was made. We want to test as much parts of the functional as possible, that's why missions are quite easy, different, and provide lots of rewards.

I would share more with you, but I cannot atm. Stay tuned and follow our official portals in order to receive more information in future.

Thank you for reading and... What are your thoughts on this?

Best regards,