The new Fury tank got added today, unfortunately WG in it’s infinite wisdom doesn’t ever see fit to update the WG API with the new tank data at the same time, so until that’s done you won’t see the Fury show up anywhere. I’ll fix that later.
On that note (sort of), advertisements have been placed back on the site. I disabled them a while ago because I couldn’t be bothered fixing a few things with them, but unfortunately it seems that out of the thousands of unique visitors the site gets daily, only a hand full contributes to the site via Patreon. I’m thankful for that, but advertising brings in nearly the entire server bill, whereas Patreon only covers a third of it.
Since the site’s existence in it’s current form (and it’s previous two incarnations), it’s always been clear from donations that not many people consider it worth supporting. Yes, okay, not everyone has Paypal, and not everyone has a ton of disposable income every month, but at the same time I can’t help but think (again) that people take the work I put in for granted. And a lot of work does go in to running a site. Ask anyone who runs a site and they’ll tell you that it can take many, many hours every week, and can almost be classified as a full time job for which nobody gets paid. So I put the ads back, and they’ll be staying for a while, I think.