In order to slim things down some, and to avoid some issues in the future, I’ll be doing some feature removal. Below is the list of things that’ll get “the chop”.

  • Competitions: Never got fleshed out to the point I wanted it to be, and was realistically only used twice, so it’s going to get the axe.
  • Mission display in replay results: This relies on a mod that has to be installed by at least one person on every cluster, and while it has worked out okay in the past, WG has the annoying habit to change the internals of this every release, and it’s getting to be a pain in the ass to keep the mod up to date, and to get people to reinstall it. Beyond that it doesn’t add much useful information, so… axe.

There’s a few more things that will get a change in the near future, but at least those will be feature additions and improvements