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Thread: Idea for tank statistics (Mark of Excelence II, target WN8, mastery)

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    Idea for tank statistics (Mark of Excelence II, target WN8, mastery)

    Is it posible to display tank statistics for tanks I dont own or that are beyond next higher achivement than current?
    I'm currently missing:
    - target XP for mastery 3, 2 (well, who cares), 1, ace - if I have mastery 2, i cant see how far ace is
    - target damage for MoE III, II, I
    - target WN8 for blue, purple (I dont really care, I just cant find it for tanks I dont own)
    Thank you

    By the way is there any estimation how MoE works?
    (my estimation is keeping history of 100 battles damage+spot and comparing it to large sample of players - or exponential smoothing, so recent battles are more biased. It seems that good battle has always positive effect and bad one negative so perhaps there is no replacing bad battle long time ago with new bad one. And somehow I can reach first mark after 70 battles with tank and stop improving if i have bad streak and still more than zero damage)

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    There area already several tracker open related to MoE. Please read there. Just some examples:


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