Random piece of fact: Czechoslovak community on EU server has a new community organizer. It's a girl (again) - I wonder why didn't they accept xkatana instead (he was considered earlier for the position), maybe he lacks boobs?

Also, Slavamakarov (surprisingly his real name is Slava Makarov, one of the producers/developer head honchos) confirmed that Superpershing will be taken away from the shop. It is not yet decided whether this will be a permanent thing, or just temporary. It's also not yet sure when that happens. He himself was the author of this proposal and it was approved by SerB and Storm, he doesn't view it as a compromise.

- apparently, Maus ROF won't be buffed
- the system where only the best players of each team are rewarded (like in sport) won't be implemented, as WoT is a team game
- the new SU-26 top gun AP shell has the penetration of 80, while the golden HEAT shell has the penetration of 74. This is intentional, as the AP shell loses a lot of penetration over distance, while the HEAT one doesn't.
- automatic fire extinguisher test price (10k) is just an experiment, it's not definitive

Oh yes, and as a bonus (I forgot to add it to the last post):

Change of Lorraine 40t model (courtesy of MotorizedPatriot)