Since there is a lot to translate and tomorrow I will most likely be busy, here's another batch for today:

- SerB considers the Superpershing case thus: "We decided not to fix this issue 2-3 patches back due to mass whine. That was a mistake." (SS: I heard an interesting theory on Russian forums - that the reason for this whole charade was to remove SP from the shop in the first place for some (unimportant and made up) reason. This will increase its sales ("it's going away, let's get it") and at the same time, paves the way for the introduction of the T23 premium medium tank... which was heavily hinted at by some people around RU and US forums...)
- Storm checked the AMX-13 and ELC models and has not found any bugs regarding the collision and visual models relation.
- AFK tank can still light up enemies, if they get close to it
- SerB doesn't worry about trolling too much, he states that when he was making the Reddit Q&A session, he was trolling too and nothing happened
- currently the ROF displayed in the hangar takes into account only the 100 percent loader, not commander's bonus
- SerB doesn't want to implement 4th consumable slot, because it would support pay to win and it would also bring disbalance to the game
- the developers did consider the idea to allow (in company mode) the team commander to take part in "observer" tank (invisible, indestructable), so he can focus on team command while not being distracted by his own tank gameplay. This was apparently scrapped.
- it is possible for both teams in random battle to have different number of platoons, if the MM mechanism considers the MM weight difference between those too small (for example 2x2 man platoons vs 1x3 man platoon)
- Storm states that there is nothing wrong with T57 armor model, just that it's very uneven, which is historical
- SerB states that various organized forum actions of players not buying gold have no effect and that the developers ignore them, this also concerns the forum players, because the devs won't listen to those who simply yell the loudest.
- Tiger, Jagdtiger and Tiger II will have their maximum speed increased at some point (without horsepower buff)

Also, there is an interesting thread about the Type 62/WZ-132 model being wrong. The_Chieftain was on it, we might even eventually get a fix.

Also, in this post, Storm jokingly admitted Superpershing might return to the shop... for a higher price.