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Thread: Crew XP ("tmentXP") question

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    Crew XP ("tmentXP") question

    The changes last month to premium tanks XP gain mentioned:

    Your Premium tanks will now bring you the following additional extra advantages:

    50% bonus to crew experience. If the possibility of training your whole regiment of crewmen on one tank was not enough for you, you can now progress much faster.
    Now I was trying to get some stats on Crew XP from the battle results and I don't see any diffence in tmentXP vs experience for the premiums from this date. Does this count as a bug given that the site show crew XP anywhere much?

    Alas I have no idea if it is +50% on the total XP or what.

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    My Parsers are extracting the info about that as it is, no calculation is applied.

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    Well I guess we have to apply a 1.5 factor to crew XP on Prem tanks from that date when doign any crew XP calc.

    I was thinking that getting "Base Crew XP" ( crew XP before adjustments for ACT, Mentor, deaths) on the battle results card would be of interest to some of us.


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