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Thread: Different data for Game Statistics and Tank Statistics?

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    Different data for Game Statistics and Tank Statistics?


    why are there differences between data shown in Game Statistics and Tank Statistics?
    For example, if you select "Game Statistics - Tank Classes" and have a look at Tier7

    you see TDs played most, followed by Meds and then Heavies.

    in "Frequency of occurrence" via Tank Statistics, filtered for Tier7 and grouped by type

    Heavies are by far played most, followed by TDs, then Lights, Meds, SPG

    Did i get it right, that "Game Statistics" are from uploaded battle results via ADU and Tank Statistics are from uploaded dossier files?
    Nevertheless, shouldnt the numbers be roughly the same?

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    Game Statistics was using the whole History, while Statistics was using data from the last 30 days. Both are now using the same datasource.


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