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Thread: Others' replays?

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    Others' replays?

    Hello vbAddict, the site to which I'm addicted

    I am wondering if it is possible to download replays of fights in which I played, but uploaded by an other player (friend or enemy). Versus and Multiview are interesting, but they would be 10000 times more interesting if it was possible to select replays where I was active, and stay in the shoes of the tank that had a duel with me and help me discover why I lost, how my position was and how he reacted to my movements... It would be really very much informative.

    A filter would be enough, I think: display all replays where a certain player name plays.

    Thank you!

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    That is already included. As soon as a Battle Report consists of multiple Replays, you will see all Replays listed in it.

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    I never saw that, maybe it's a little bit too hidden...
    So I open the replay page, then select the "Replay" tab and I should find two or more replays?

    Well actually I still cannot find it... :/

    OK I found it... so I change the question: would it be possible to have a list of all the battles that have been recorded in multiple view, at a glance, so that it is possible to check them without loooking for the data page of every single battle?

    Thank you very much


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