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Thread: OS X port

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    OS X port

    Im trying to ditch my bootcamp ( Yosemite helped by blowing it away ) [ shame for not doing my normal R&D on updates ] and goto the new OSX wrapper that is a good start to a true client.

    That said, I have already pinged Aslain for making a OSX port of his awesome installer and some sub-set of the mods that work on the Mac ( already found how to get XVM working by removing one of the SWF files ).

    That said, I'd love to have a dossier updater as well so I don't have to to do some Dropbox / symlink / vmware fusion hack job.

    We already discussed server stuff and the fact I would love once this is done to talk about stats that are captured with more detail on dossier, etc. I see the JSON and other options to tie into existing APIs, so not sure I need much more than that to get started, but wanted some thoughts.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Don't have access to OS X, so I would not be able to contribute.


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