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Thread: Newbie noob here, needs to know if my stats are decent for a noob :-)

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    Newbie noob here, needs to know if my stats are decent for a noob :-)

    I am a newbie and a noob, started playing WOT 3 weeks ago.

    I need to know if my stats are on par with what is to be expected by a newbie.

    This is my statistics in the link below, from noobmeter:

    I try to move my tank so i dont get hit in sides and rear, and try to keep my front at an angle, but i always get penetrated by some other enemy i didnt see :-(
    Now i keep a third eye on the minimap, so things are getting better.

    I try to aim for enemy weak spots, but it often hard to get a shot. I mostly play german medium, but have a hard time flanking enemy tanks.

    I am an "old" chap over age 30.

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    If u r asking in this board, u should use the Active Dossier Uploader.
    Just because than we can see how u perform on which tank and how your equipment on each tank is.

    Without this:

    I would say that u r not dealing enough damage.

    Results for Nov 10, 2014 9:28:19 AM to Nov 10, 2014 11:28:10 PM for razakaze:
    average damage: 203 with 55% WR

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    Yep i will get the Active Dossier Uploader installed asap. Thanks for the tip!

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    I have now uploaded with the active dossier uploader app :-)

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    like i already mentioned: you dont deal enough damage.

    ~145 Damage with Mathilda is pretty bad.
    ~264 Damage with M10/Panther is REALLY bad.

    You have 2 german medium Tanks: T7 Gold Panther and T5 Panzer III/IV: how many Crews do you have for those 2 Tanks ?

    I would recommend you to play with more patience, checke the WoT Boards and learn the role of your tanks.
    especially german medium Tanks like T7 Panther should support their mates from 2nd or even 3rd row.
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