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Thread: Strange tank name in statistics

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    Strange tank name in statistics


    discovered the attached Jagdtiger something in the statistics. Vehicle is found under this url:, the name seems to be broken. Also don't know what kind of vehicle that even is.

    Also another question: According to the statistics for my T-150, the overall population drives less than 180m per game, with unicums at <350, while I do over 1,000m each game. Which is strange, because I don't think I drive long distances in this tank. I would say AFK guys drag the average down maybe, but I don't expect unicums to do that. Anyone can think of a reason for that difference? Also, just checked, this holds true for every tank I tried this on.
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    That's a special tank for Koreans IGR, it's like a coffee shop with a public computer.

    As to your question regarding T-150, cannot see false data here.


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