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Thread: Can I use vBaddict with Mac OSX wrapper?

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    Can I use vBaddict with Mac OSX wrapper?

    Ok, I used to run WOT inside of Parallels but since the 9.4 update WOT is broken under Parallels and now am having to run WOT directly under OSX using the Mac wrapper. I know there isn't a Mac client for the Active Dossier Uploader, but can I run ADU in Parallels pointing to the OSX wrapper location? I tried just pointing the ADU WOT directory location to the OSX wrapper location but it says it cannot find a valid Dossier...

    Any thoughts?

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    Not able to reproduce it, as I don't have OSX.

    Provide me the ADU Logfiles, so I can have a look and probably tell you what is causing this.


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