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Thread: Re-roll and stats reset

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    Re-roll and stats reset

    Hi Phalanx

    I've recently re-rolled my account (after previously renaming it).

    During re-naming, it was obviously easy to reset stats in WotStatistics, as the dossier file would be completely new. Now however, the dossier is picking up some battles from before the re-roll.

    I had understood that WotStatistics effectively functions offline (i.e. reads only the dossier file on you PC). Does it actually read the uploaded dossier from ADU now? If so, do you think a stats reset on vbaddict/adu side will fix it?

    I've asked for a reset in the appropriate thread, will see if that fixes it. Otherwise, what do you suggest? (I've tried killing the cached files and resetting the profile with the script)

    Thanks a million for the awesome site and service!
    (Rudi from Johannesburg)

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    there is no connection between WOT Statistics and ADU. It was planned, but scrapped.
    Clearing the database and dossier should do the trick. The dossier will be re-created by WoT.

    best wishes

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    Could you walk me through the wipe?

    1) Uninstall WOTStatistics
    2) Delete /user/AppData/Roaming/WotStatistics
    3) Delete all dossiers in cache
    4) Re-install WotStatistics
    5) Play a battle to get WOT to create a new dossier
    6) Add player in WotStatistics

    Does that seem right?

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    Yes, this is the right way, beside you don't need to uninstall WOTStatistics. Purging /user/AppData/Roaming/WotStatistics is enough.

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    Sorry for bothering you, I need a reset again. Didn't know I should delete /user/AppData/Roaming/WotStatistics, and my old data are back .
    Just to be sure is there anything else I must do to see my current statistics?



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