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Thread: Seeking clarification on MoE progress page

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    Seeking clarification on MoE progress page

    I recently bought the VK 45.02 A and have been monitoring my stats in the tank quite closely. I've also been looking into my progress towards Medals of Excellence for the tank. This has, however, left me somewhat confused.

    Marks of Excellence, as far as I'm aware, look at the damage you have dealt and damage you have assisted via radio (i.e. spotting damage) for your previous 100 games in the tank, and then compares it to the averages for other players over the past 14 days. If your average damage dealt and damage assisted via radio over 100 battles exceeds that of 65% of players, you get your first Mark of Excellence. The second and third are rewarded once your average exceeds 85% and 95% of players respectively. Again, that is how I understand the system to work.

    At present, my Progress on Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badges page states that my 'Current Damage' in the tank is 963 over my past 32 games. This is clearly lower than my actual average damage and I am assuming that this is because my damage over those 32 battles has been divided by 100, not 32. But, if it is divided by 100, that would make my average damage dealt and spotting damage over those 32 battles a whopping 2,912.5 [(932/32)*100]. The issue arises when I compare this to the stats shown in my dossier.

    According to my dossier, I have an average damage dealt of 1,510 and average damage assisted of 466. The sum of these is only 1,976, far lower than the 2,912.5 I estimated based on my assumptions on how progress towards Marks of Excellence is calculated. Furthermore, one would think that average damage assisted counts both damage assisted by tracking enemy tanks and damage assisted by spotting enemy tanks, but this seems to be wrong.

    Unfortunately, I only have 31 of my 32 battles uploaded in my Battle History. One must have been missed. But, for those 31 battles, I have averaged 1,540 damage dealt, 468 damage assisted via radio, and 186 damage assisted via tracks. My average assisted damage, both via radio and tracks, for those 31 games is 654. Even assuming that I did no assisted damage in the battle that was missed, I would be left with an average assisted damage of 633, 167 higher than my reported average assisted damage.

    I would therefore have to conclude that the assisted damage figure in my dossier only refers to damage assisted via radio, i.e. spotting damage. This means that my average damage, as contributing towards Marks of Excellence, over those 32 battles is 1,976, using the figures from my dossier. If the Progress on Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badges page is adjusting this to reflect for the limited number of battles I've played in, this would mean that it's assuming the calculation is based on your previous ~66 battles [(1976/963)*32]. When running the same sums for several other tanks I have purchased since MoE were introduced, since I started using VBAddict and I have played less than 100 battles in, I get a Current Damage figure that correlates to the assumption that Marks of Excellence are based upon between 75 and 105 battles.

    So how, exactly, is the Current Damage figure on the Progress on Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badges page calculated?

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    To make a long story short: There is now exact methode known how Wargaming is calculating them.

    vBAddict is using the values which are stored in Dossier and Battle Results, so I'm not doing any calculations on my own.


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