It’s been quite a while since I posted anything in the way of updates, unfortunately it’s due to my personal life being put pretty much on it’s head with a variety of “interesting” things that happened (some real bad, some good) that I won’t bore you with right now. Suffice to say it’s been a busy, busy time.
That leads me to the news. I no longer really have the time to dedicate to, not as much as I’d like to and not as much as I need to. That has left me with the problem that I ran into before where I can keep running it, but feature additions and patch updates will be ridiculously slow, which means the site will basically break after a while. The other option is to call it quits (again, yes) and make sure everyone’s got a chance to get their replays and such downloaded before things are closed.
I’m currently hoping someone, somewhere, will step up and will want the domain name and the replays that are available in order to keep things moving, but I’ll put a big*bold warning on that one: the code is messy, obscure, and requires a serious knowledge of Perl to keep running. Of course, if you have your own code that works fine too with the domain name. I am (privately) speaking with a few people in the community to see if there’s any interest from their side, and they will get priority if they want to run things; but if they don’t, any interested parties can email me at