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Thread: Where are my Stats gone ???

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    Angry Where are my Stats gone ???

    Until today my WN8 was about 1800 (last 90 days). Since today my WN8 is about 530, but it still shows about 1800 matches for the last 90 days.
    What happend to my vBAddict Profile - or is there a new bug/costless Feature available???


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    Seems you missed the notification which is displayed on the first page you visit on vBAddict:

    Since Dec 14th we have a new expected tank values tables for WN8. Currently vBAddict is re-calculating all WN8 ratings with this new table.
    As a sideeffect all summarizied ratings like "Progress" are not 100% correct.

    This can take a while, I will inform you as soon as the process has finished.

    You can find the new expected values and the delta to the previous version on the WNEfficiency Site.


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