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Thread: [Feature Request] Solo vs Platooned progress on specific tanks

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    Question [Feature Request] Solo vs Platooned progress on specific tanks
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    I was wondering if it would it be possible to get the Solo vs Platooned tabs in a specific tank's "Progress" section?

    As it is, when I'm looking at one of my tanks, I have to go to the "Overview" tab and look at the "Ratings" section of the "Attributes", where my solo & platooned performance is compared to everyone else's. The reason I'm asking is I have one tank with which I've been performing much better solo, so I'd be curious to get a detailed breakdown of it's stats and progress under those conditions.

    Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

    PS : VBaddict is awesome. I've never posted here before so I thought I'd say. Thank you for providing such an amazing tool!

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