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Thread: Updated WN8 per tank

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    Updated WN8 per tank

    I read on your blog about the updated WN8 tank stats "WN8-v17-has-been-applied"

    I took a look at the FV304 and the expected damage per battle is now 836. Seriously??? Since the 9.5 patch, according to my "WoT Service Record" my average damage per battle has dropped from over 1000 to 920. I can count on one hand the number of 1000hp battles I've had since the last update. I can see the average damage per battle it makes, when compared to all T6 arty, is now less than 10hp per game higher than the AMX 13 F3, when I looked last week it was way more than that.

    The nerf has had the desired effect, I decided to sell it today because it's now even more dependent on the map and the team than it ever was.

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    vBAddict is not responsible for the expected tank numbers. Please contact the WN8 Team:


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