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Thread: Assisted Damage Shows in ADU Summary

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    Assisted Damage Shows in ADU Summary

    I noticed the other day that the ADU Battle Results Summary shows the Assisted Damage total for each battle. I understood the reason this wasn't included in the WN8 calculations was because it wasn't included in the WoT API. Since this information is now available and can be taken into account does this mean it will be included in the WN8 calculations?
    Of the nine games I've played today in my Centurion Mk1 six have been T10, two T9 and one T8. As a result of the low pen on the T8 Centurion gun I resorted to spotting for my better armed team mates, and had some decent results in terms of XP awarded. I've always had a problem with making decent damage when I have to play my T8's in T10 battles and spotting damage is a way of doing something useful.

    Is Assisted Damage currently used for WN8, or are there any plans to include it in the future?

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    Currently, WN8 does not include assisted damage. The vbAddict-exclusive "Battle Rating" does, however. Unfortunately this means that passive scouting will gain you exactly NOTHING WN8-wise (Example: A battle in my ELC AMX: WN8 of 145 (very bad), but a BR of >1k (good), because of 1,6k spotting dmg). On each of your tanks on vbAddict there is a "WN8" tab which has a drill-down pie chart which shows you what element makes up what percentage of the WN8 value for that tank.

    I would guess that assisted damage will not be used in WN8. Maybe in WN9? But thats really only speculation.

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    It will only be introduced whenever WG puts related battle count into the API - which is already planned.


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