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Thread: Average Battle Tier

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    Average Battle Tier

    I wonder if you can clarify something for me.

    In the "Overview" section for each of my tanks, Eg: Centurion Mk1; In the tab on the right side "Other" it shows a statistic "Battle Tier" under the heading "Per Battle" (Yours) is that figure the average tier that I have been seeing in my battles? The same information, with a different stat is also shown for "Per Battle" (All) & "Per Battle" (Unicums). These figures are "Yours" meaning Me - (7.99) All - (7.63) Unicums - (7.62). This means the average tier of the tanks I am meeting in battle is 7.99, is this correct?

    It's increased to T8 now.

    Many Thanks.
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    Yes, this is correct.


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