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Thread: Quick Summary does not show CWs or Stronghold battles

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    Quick Summary does not show CWs or Stronghold battles

    Hello there, I habve searched for some keywords and still I habe no idea if I can enable to see CW and Stronghold results in the quick summary aside the normal random battles.

    e.g.: I am playing Random, CWs and stronghold. Since CWs are still counted into your stats like random battles, it would be nice to have a display of the summary of both, like some kind of preview how your stats will look like.

    If its not implemented yet, some sorting tab or "click to show+calc." option in the quick summary tab would be great.

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    CW's are not counted towards your stats, they are seperated.

    Right now I will keep Quick Summary light weighted and therefore will not add other options.

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