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Thread: Quick Summary Time Stamp

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    Quick Summary Time Stamp

    I'm not sure if this is already known, and its by no means serious, I just wanted to point it out...

    I've just noticed that the time stamps on the Quick Summary accesses via the ADU application is 1 hour behind the actual game time. The Quick Summary on the website as well as the battle logs and various other battle related information all give the correct time of the battle, so it does not seem to be a settings issue, although I have checked all my setting, time zone etc. and all appears to be fine.

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    This is similar to this one:

    Please check your timezone settings:

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    I did check that before posting. Also, the 1 hour time difference only shows in the Quick Summery viewed from the button on ADU. The exact same Quick Summery when viewed using the button on the website, has the time correct, as do all other areas of the site such at battle logs, history, etc.


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