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Thread: Processing prioritization for contributing users

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    Processing prioritization for contributing users

    Please don't stone me if you already solved this question, I quickly checked the forum but did not find related topic.

    Phalynx did you think about prioritization of processing events for users which are contributing to server running, development,...?
    vbaddict is great service (really appreciated your work) but it is really very slow last few months especially during evening load.
    I have to turn off automatic uploading of replays because uploading often finished with error (timeout?) and blocked all events in queue.
    Also data browsing on webpage takes lot of time (e.g. preparation of mark of excellence table usually takes more than 20 seconds).
    You can easily motivate users to contribute (1-2 dollars per month (via Patreon) is not so much for individual and enough for you in case you will have cca 500 paying users) when you speed up the service for them.
    At least for me it will be enough motivation to start contributing.

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    there are multiple threads related to this, let me link the most popular:

    vBAddict is now serving data for almost 60k users and 260k uploads daily.

    I have to pay a bill of 273 Euro, which takes 1-2 weeks to collect. To be honest, I'm tired of monthly begging for money for the server, but I don't have any alternatives. More users does not mean more donations. More users means more files to process and therefore slower for all.

    500 paying users would be a dream and eliminate all issues related to server. For 500 Euro I could get a dedicated upload server.

    But the reality looks like 30-40 paying users.

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    Thank you for quick answer. I incorrectly formulated search condition. I will check your links.


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