Here it is:

- Confirmed: Super Pershing will most likely not be in 9.7, the armor needs some changes;
- New 9.7 French tanks do not have auto-loaders;
- Type 59 in HD will come in one of the upcoming patches;
- No special connection between AMX40 and the new 9.7 branch will happen;
- WG is actively fighting rigged personal missions and punishing the riggers, the bans are however happening in waves and do not have to be immediate (RG: Good! Hunt them down!);

- T-34/85 Rudy will use Soviet crew;
- ISU-122S, IS-2 "Berlin", Cromwell "Berlin", Objet 244 and Steyr Waffentr├Ąger are event tanks and it's possible there will be a task to get them in your garage permanently (not as event tanks that get removed after the "fun" mode is over) (RG: As long something over the op isn't required should be ok)