Found this video where some questions about the new physics were answered by Anton “Evilly” Pankov, for those who don’t understand Russian, there are subtitles available.

- in new motion physics, the type of ground your tank is on will play a larger role, tanks will behave differently on various surfaces like sand, snow etc., the amount of surface types will increase, but the game will be made so that the tank doesn't slide from side to side like in other games;
- it's certain that new motion physics, players will be able to get to places on maps they couldn't before - this will be monitored carefully and "cheating" spots will be made inaccessible;
- Some maps will be reworked to handle new motion physics if necessary;
- based on the test, tipping the tanks on their roof doesn't seem to be a serious gameplay element, it will be very difficult to tip a tank on the roof, it won't be a problem;
- It’s not yet sure whether mobility of some tanks will be changed (buffed/nerfed) based on motion physics;
- It won't take long to get used to new physics in your favorite tank;
- There will be more rounds of the test with more vehicles and maps.

So far everything is looking good, getting excited!