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Thread: vBAddict WoT API: Tank Statistics for your Application

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    vBAddict WoT API: Tank Statistics for your Application

    This is the description of the vBAddict API for requesting Tank Statistics, common used Consumables, Equipment, Crew Skills, MoE Marks of Excellence and Mastery Badges.

    To use the API, you will need an API Key which is treated as a kind of password. You need to request an API Key by writing your request to Please include your type of Project and Application/Website URL.

    By using the vBAddict API, you agree to provide a link back to

    Statistics are created once a day at 7 AM CET.

    You need to cache the results on your back end. Misuse will lead to have your API Key revoked.


    API v1:
    - Map Data

    API v2:
    - Basic Tank Data

    API v3 (Split by Server and WoT Version):
    - Basic Tank Data

    API v4 (Split by Server and WoT Version):
    - Basic Tank Data
    - Consumables
    - Equipment
    - Crew
    - MoE Marks of Excellence
    - Mastery Badges


    Your private Key.
    To see what the API offers you, use the API Key demo. This API Key is limited to the russian Object 704, other tanks are returning an API Key Error.

    Get the Keys here:

    %SERVER% is a numeric value:
    • 0 All
    • 1 EU
    • 2 NA
    • 3 RU
    • 4 CT
    • 5 ASIA
    • 6 KR
    • 7 VN
    • 8 CN

    Example URL for EU, soviet Obj 704:

    Example URL for NA, soviet Obj 704:

    Please keep in mind, most vBAddict users are homed in EU and NA, the other one have only low amount of uploaded data.

    This limits the data in case you want to have a look between versions. Keep in mind, this is valid only up to 30 days after a patch.

    • 0 All
    • 5 WoT 0.8.9 and WoT 0.8.10
    • 6 WoT 0.8.11
    • 7 WoT 0.9.0
    • 8 WoT 0.9.1 and WoT 0.9.2
    • 9 WoT 0.9.3
    • 10 WoT 0.9.4
    • 11 None
    • 12 WoT 0.9.5
    • 13 WoT 0.9.6
    • 14 WoT 0.9.7
    • 15 WoT 0.9.8
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