- Fixed many hang-ups and crashes of the game client.
- Optimized performance of the game client on some PC configurations.
- Optimized performance of some special effects.
- Optimized stability of game servers.
- Fixed issue with fallen tree trunks not being transparent in some cases in the Sniper mode.

- Fixed positioning of Emblems on the T-15 German light tank.
- Cancelled changes to shell penetration and vehicle characteristics added in the first Common Test of version 9.7.
- Fixed some issues with the visual model of the AMX 30 B.
- Fixed some issues with the damage models of the following vehicles: IS-5 (Object 730), Renault G1.
- Removed the new visual model of the SuperPershing in order to make improvements to it.
- Increased profitability of the following special vehicles: Object 907, лю60, VK 72.01 (kiss), T95E6.
- Added the following vehicles for testing during the Common Test:
* M56 Scorpion, Tier VII U.S. tank destroyer
* T-54 mod. 1, Tier VIII U.S.S.R. medium tank

- Removed the Northwest map from the Random Battle mode.
- Fixed some clipping on the new Overlord map.
- Fixed the issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects.
- Fixed flickering of some objects when rotating the camera in the Premium Garage.
Interface and Other Changes
- Fixed many issues with the new features of the Team Battle mode.
- Fixed some issues with the new Chat features.
- Improved hit and penetration marks on vehicles.
- Fixed some issues with interface scaling.
- Fixed the issue with the 15th personal mission being unavailable.