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Thread: Questions re: dossier cache

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    Questions re: dossier cache


    First, thank you to anyone and everyone who works on vbaddict. I've just started poking through the site and have found it to be very helpful.

    I realize the following questions may be very basic or dumb, but I've tried poking around for answers and have not had any luck.

    I wanted to try and upload some of my battle information. I have the replay files, but there weren't any dossier files when I went to look. The Users/AppData/Roaming/ folder was empty. Searches for any "dossier" files or folders did not bring up any helpful results.

    I'm guessing that somehow I deleted the folder, or the process of installing a mod pack did so. When I log back into WoT now, after the latest mod pack update, the dossier_cache folder is there, but the file is dated today. Is there a way to update that with previous information, or is it all gone? I still have the replays files if that makes a difference. I just didn't know if that information was on WG's servers or somehow could be extrapolated out of the replays.

    Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome. This is a one-man-show, so don't expect a team behind vBAddict.

    As to the dossier - it contains just a snapshot of your statistics, not a history. A history is build by comparing different versions of the dossiers and creating a delta.

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    Ah. Well thank _you_ then.

    Thank you for clearing up the stats bit. The dossier seems to be up-to-date, I think.


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