Here it is:

- Vehicles are not balanced based on the conditions of common tests where everyone is firing gold ammunition;
- Vehicles are balanced around regular shells, gold shells "are taken into account, but they are not a balancing parameter";
- Currently, there are no plans to change the T-54 Light gun options;
- In World of Tanks, vehicle MM weight has no influence on the probability of ending in various battle tiers of the MM spread;
- The IS-4 collision model changes in recent test include two 180mm thick spots on the lower front plate:

- According to developers, players on your team begging the opposite team to help them with an individual mission should be reported for unsportsmanlike behavior;
- There is currently no info available on when historical battles might return (RG: Should it return?);
- The fact that on low tiers the newbies are now separated from the experienced players does NOT mean there will be such a segregation (skilled/unskilled players) on higher tiers (RG: Just glad that I can now play low tiers without feeling guilty from abusing the bambies).