Earlier, there were concerns about the FPS drop in 9.7 - especially the first test has shown certain drops on some configurations. Famous Russian video maker Jove however returned to the issue in test 3 and made a video on his PC, where he tested both patches on the same replay.

His system is: I7 2600k, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 970 - practically all settings to maximum apart from sniper mode effects and vegetation in sniper mode. The map was quite difficult: Stalingrad.

His results are:

Minimum FPS in 9.6 - 43, in 9.7 - 57
Maximum FPS in 9.6 - 121, in 9.7 - 121
Average FPS in 9.6 - 82, in 9.7 - 89

According to the feedback of the testers, the worse your PC is, the more noticeable the FPS increase is with the owners of very poor PC's noticing a lot better FPS.