Hello warriors,

Yuri Pasholok, who is currently in France, visited the Normandy Tank Museum near Carentan and made a whole bunch of interesting pictures inside.

As can be imagined, most of the museum is dedicated to the Americans, although there are British, German and French items as well. This is logical because the museum is located on a former American P-38 and P-47 airstrip in an American landing (parachute drop) sector. Many of the vehicles in the museum are in running condition and they are marked historically correctly, based on existing photographs to a high degree of authenticity. Even the bags and tools and other equipment are very authentic and the manequins are correctly dressed. Overall the exhibition is very good.

M3A1 Light Tank

Willys Jeep and LVT-4 - the AT barrier ("hedgehog") is authentic, from Omaha beach

Harley Davidson WLA, Chaffee in the background

M3A1 Light tank again

GMC DUKW ("Duck")

USAF pilot uniforms

Dodge WC-51

M45 turret (quad .50 cals), this turret was also mounted on halftracks to create the famous M16 "Meat Chopper". Quad .50 cals could be used against ground targets (infantry) to a devastating effect.

M3A1 halftrack

M4 Medium ("Sherman"), this one was painted to resemble the personal tank of general Creighton Abrams, called "Thunderbolt"

M5A1 Light Tank

US infantry with a Chefrolet G-7117 truck. The uniform camouflage was used in Normandy but it was removed soon because it resembled Waffen SS too much

GMC CCKW-353 truck

M7B1 "Priest" SPG

German exposition - notice the Panzer IV Ausf.J, which actually fought in Normandy. It was located in the Falaise museum until recently. It is not in working condition, but there are plans to restore it.

Ambulance and crew

Staff vehicle (WC-56)

M26 Dragon Wagon transporter, hauling a LVT-4

M8 Greyhound, the most common American late-war armored car

M36 GMC "Jackson", the most powerful American wartime tank destroyer

Free French Citroen Traction Avant

M5 Halftrack of the Free French, towing a 2pdr (I think)

M3A1 Scout Car, also in Free French colours (Leclerc division)

US Army Piper L4 observation craft

British Daimler Dingo