Hello warriors,

as it turns out, today's micropatch does not contain only Stronghold fixes (as the patchnotes from RU server declared) but also the elements of the April 1st "fun mode".

This fun mode involves one special consumable, that will unleash under (yet unknown) circumstances some sort of artillery strike. The patch contained:

- new hit sound for this special consumable
- new award (was leaked previously)
- the consumable mechanism itself

The consumable is officially described as "calling a crushing artillery strike to a designated zone, available for tanks from tier 1 to tier 10".


Cost: from 50 to 220 gold (depending on tier)
Strike is active for 3 seconds
Loading time is 30 seconds
Blast radius: 10 (meters?)
Number of rounds: 3

Also, there are some firework rounds for artillery, their purpose is not known yet however