Here it is:

- On supertest, IS-3 with autoloader previously was just a regular IS-3 with higher rate of fire. Now, it received a real autoloader for 4 shells with 9 seconds between each shell and 20 second autoloader reload;
- Render range will change from square to circle either in 9.8 or in 9.9;
- Tracks on armor will not be from now on modeled as zones of spaced armor, but as zones where the regular hull armor is simply thicker;
- Tank models that already exist in HD will have their collision models reworked to incorporate the tracks hanging on hulls slowly in following patches;
- IS-6 is very popular, there are no buffs planned for it;
- IS-3 with autoloader a special tank or some sort of reward? "For now, no comment. Will be published later."