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Thread: Few Suggestions: Avg Dmg and Spots

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    Lightbulb Few Suggestions: Avg Dmg and Spots

    Hi all,

    first of all, very nice project, well done!

    I have a few suggestions for improvement, though. Hope they are not duplicate and not making too much troubles

    1) In the "Tanks" overview and in the "Battle Log" the "Average Damage" (avg dmg) refers to the spotting damage only. To me this is misleading as WG themselves combine spotting and tracking damage. In the general "Progress" as well as the tank specific one the avg dmg is shown split up between spot and tracks, which is nice. It adds up well to those values shown ingame for me. So coming to my suggestion: Show the combined value in "Tanks" overview and in "Battle Log" to harmonize the display. There might be other places where this also occurs that I did not check.
    2) It would be really nice if in the general and tank specific "Progress" the spots would be shown too. I propose to show them underneath the kills. And with two decimals. Even nicer would be to show them as column in the "Tanks" overview as well, between "Frags" and "Battle Tier".

    Then I have one question concerning the WN8 calculation:
    In the "Progress" tab of my Type 61 the past 90 days (which includes all games ever played with this tank) it shows a WN8 of 1.479 whereas in the "WN8" tab with the detailed calculation breakdown it shows 1.439. The other values seem identical as far as I can tell ("Kills" in "Progress" has only one decimal, though - by the way, why not change that to two also?), so I wonder why the values are different?

    Thanks a lot for your consideration in advance.

    Glo regards,

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    1+2) This is correct. "Tracking Damage" was introduced later, therefore some parts of my site don't display/add them correct. Will fix this.
    3) WN8. There is a difference in calculation. Progress is doing average of all battles, while WN8 Details are showing the average of the whole tank. This cannot be changed due to technical limitations.

    best wishes,

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