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Thread: help for a newcomer

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    help for a newcomer

    Hey, I just installed the activedossieruploader and I'm new to vbaddict. I checked around the site but there doesn't seem to be a resource explaining how the site works, and the faq only has 3 questions in it.

    So if there is a page or forum post where my questions are already answered, please direct me to it and I can delete this post.

    1) Does activedossieruploader need to be running while I play WOT in order to update my statistics? For example, can I run it at the end of a WOT session and have it update everything then?

    2) Is there any method for getting statistics from before I joined vbaddict, such as from 1 year ago?

    3) Does having the battle results retriever installed mean that it will update statistics even for games that I do not view the battle results in?

    4) is it normal for the bottom 1/5 of various lines of text (such as in log or in the config menu) to be cut off?

    If anyone could help me out and answer these questions I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    So many questions, let me answer you.

    1) Yes, it needs to be running. Full reason is in the FAQ "vBAddict is missing Battles".

    2) Sadly no. Wargaming is not storing this kind of information. Dossier is just a snapshot of overall account.

    3) Yes

    4) Can you explain that more? Probably with a screenshot?


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