Here it is:

- Developers are working on fixing the World of Warplanes still;
- The existing bug where a tank sometimes "rotates" (spins) on spot will not be fixed in 9.7;
- Despite Storm's promises, the new model renders are still being released with unrealistic texture quality (not available for the in-game vehicles). Storm is not happy about it. The ultra-HD textures will not be released to public, as few people would use them and it's not really worth it;
- The platoon individual missions will be soloable, but they will not be simplified - completing them in platoon will thus be much easier;
- Some of the individual platoon mission parameters will be changed (not simplified, just changed);
- Regarding the platoon missions, the option to complete the same mission solo (but making it easier for platoon) is the best according to Storm: "This solution works both for players - removing the absolute necessity to look for platoon members - and for us - supporting the extra socialization."
- It's possible there will be some sort of "collector" medal (award) for those who acquire all premium tanks (RG: Hope it doesn't include the CW ones);
- Platoon searching mechanism will come in 9.8 (it will be possible to add people directly in battle);
- Xbox version of WoT has weather and it does influence gameplay - PC version will get it too but not soon (RG: Want that!);
- The Bigworld engine was updated in 9.7 because on the update depend new features and gameplay modes that will come soon;
- Motion physics - developers collected player feedback and are processing it;
- Havok will not come anytime soon;
- Kanonenjagdpanzer will apparently come in 9.8;
- In early May (on 9.5.2015 likely) there will be a special mode (as announced earlier) featuring the IS-2, ISU-122 and Cromwell - it will apparently be possible to obtain these vehicles via some sort of mission or so.

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