Hello warriors,

a few answers from Storm and Evilly, includes the missing Q&A from yesterday (translator was not available).

- as a reaction to Armored Warfare video about the role of armor in AW, Storm states that armor does play a role in WoT even now and that its role will improve in the future
- Storm does not think that the War Thunder engine is better than Bigworld by the entire order of magnitude
- Q: "Check out how few battles Storm played." A: "Yea yea. That's the reason for all the problems in WoT." (later he adds that the has over 15k battles in WoT beta)
- +/-1MM will not be introduced
- BL-9 and other unhistorical top guns will not be removed from vehicles
- gold ammo will not become cheaper
- it's possible tier 9 and 10 guns will receive a penetration nerf
- Storm confirms: Super Pershing hull itself will have the angles partially changed and the additional plate angles will be changed as well
- according to Storm, all the versions of Super Pershing model until now had wrong armor angles, he hopes that this time, it will be correct
- unfortunately it's not possible to add AMX-50/100, IS-3 and Pershing HD models to the 9.7 patch despite all the delays
- final build of 9.7 is already made and is being prepared for release
- it is very possible (confirmed by Evilly as "more or less correct") that the tier 8 Kanonenjagdpanzer will replace the Jagdtiger 88, which will be removed from sales