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Thread: ADU error 503

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    ADU error 503

    hello, recently I had forgotten to start ADu for a while and managed to accrue about 200 replays that have yet to upload.
    somehow when I tried to use ADU again to upload them it gives me an error 503, what can I do to fix this?
    to help here is the complete error message:
    Code: 10:52:30: Active Dossier Uploader v3.4.0.2 10:52:30: Online: ADU is now working online. 10:53:04: Uploading Replay: 20150401_2104_france-AMX_13_75_14_siegfried_line.wotreplay  - offline 10:53:43: Server is unable to parse uploaded data (errorstate ADUClient: 1 - Error while uploading data to vBAddict De externe server heeft een fout geretourneerd: (503) Server is niet beschikbaar.), adding fil 10:53:43: e to offline cache for later try. 10:56:23: Uploading Replay: 20150401_2104_france-AMX_13_75_14_siegfried_line.wotreplay  - offline
    I removed the 200+ useless lines but besides that this is everything.
    sorry that it uses dutch, I can change client language if neccesary for debug.

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    I also have problems with vbaddict today. It takes some minutes (!) to go online and a lot of uploads just fail. Sometimes error 503 is displayed, but most times there is no error message. I also cant watch my profile, the web server seems to be busy.

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    Already working on it. Sorry for the delays.


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