Here it is:

- Storm confirms: penetration is a balance parameter now;
- Regarding the upcoming penetration nerf - some of the top guns are actually the relics of the time when there was +/-3 MM. The developers decided to remedy the armor situation by nerfing the penetration rather than removing the top guns;
- Storm confirms: 9.8 will bring many changes to individual missions;
- Q: "Storm, I had a battle where we had 5 tier 8's and they had 9 of them, who do you think won?" A: "The team that played better";
- It's not possible anymore to rollback the 9.7 BW engine back to 9.6 standard;
- It's completely normal that the same tank has various gun depression with various guns;
- There will definitely not be 8K textures in the game, Storm states that it would be a nightmare - 150 gigs of textures for tanks only;
- One 4K textured tank is 80-100Mb big;
- It's theoretically possible to introduce 4K textures in the hangar and 2K in battles;
- HD IS model will have tracks hanging on the hull as a part of the collision model (improved armor)
- Storm does not consider implementing exclusive CW tanks to be wrong, they are there to stimulate players to play in clans. CW machines will not be publicly available otherwise;
- Developers are currently thinking about how to incentivize the play on high tier tanks (endgame).