Hello warriors,

the patch 9.7 came to the RU server today, here's a short Q&A that is (mostly) related to it.

- The "newbie protection" in 9.7 means that players with less than 2500 battles will play together on tiers 1-3 while players with over 2500 battles will play with other experienced players;
- Confirmed: M56 Scorpion will not be sold just so, it will be some sort of special/event tank. It will be awarded "for certain achievements that will be published later";
- It's not certain that bad computer owners will see a FPS increase in 9.7;
- The main goal of the 9.7 Bigworld upgrade was not to improve performance but to implement elements of the engine that will allow WG to bring in new features;
- Artillery viewrange nerf is one of the "steps of global vehicle rebalance", because "arties are supposed to shoot with someone else spotting". Other classes will be re-balanced as well;
- AMX CDC will be available for gold in in-game shop in 9.7, preliminary price is 7450 gold;
- It's possible that artillery will get more XP for shooting;
- German Somua S35 premium will not be removed from the premium magazine "in this patch";
- Accuracy (nerfed in 9.6) will not improve;
- Swamp will be "reworked nicely" in 9.8;
- "Not only high tier tanks" will undergo "a complex penetration overhaul" in the future.