- Storm does not know whether in the future the UI calculations will be transferred to a different CPU thread
- IS-4 frontal armor is fine according to Storm (RU players report a possible bug where the driver's hatch on IS-4 is somehow very easy to penetrate)

Details regarding the new Clanwars 2.0:

- The new map has flexible architecture, when needed the amount of provinces can quickly increase many times over;
- Apart from the traditional landing tournaments, there will be another way how to get a province on the map;
- New CW map will have the option to have some provinces limited by tiers (tiers 6, 8 and 10). These will reflect on the income from the province;
- CW 2.0 will work on seasonal principle (seasons with clear goals and winners) with each season having special prizes for the winners;
- Chips are replaced by divisions (units consisting of a certain number of require tanks), battles with one chip (one tank) on one side that are just a waste of time will not be possible anymore;
- Regions will be replaced by "fronts", each with separate tier limits, rules etc.
- There will be new CW currency: "influence" that will allow you to purchase things such as landings without having to play the landing tournaments, division purchase, upgrade and upkeep, increasing the profitability of a province, protecting a province under certain conditions;
- Influence will be obtainable by fighting on CW map and by participating in stronghold fights (these will reward influence as well as industrial resource);
- These changes are already prepared and will come soon (no current ETA though).